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History of District 5

District Lodge No. 5 was chartered October 4, 1990. The District Lodges were created from the 7 territories to help better serve its members.

The Charter included 3 Local Lodges:

Local Lodge 862 in Aberdeen SD chartered September 12, 1951 representing members at Hub Cit Inc. which make gear boxes.

Local Lodge 2356 in Watertown SD chartered October 1, 1968 representing members at Minnesota Rubber which make rubber molded products.

Local Lodge 2525 in Fargo ND chartered October 3, 1973 representing members of Steiger Tractor. The Lodge later added Ruan Trucking, Concord Inc. and National Feeding Systems. Around 1986 Steiger changed its name to CNH 4-wheel drive products plant. National Feeding Systems dissolve in 1998. The Concord plant was closed in 2000. Most of the members from Concord moved to the CNH 4-wheel drive products plant.

The first executive board included: 1990-1991

President: Dennis Stucker
Vice President: Maynard Magnuson
Secretary/ Treasurer: Charlotte Ries

President: Dennis Stucker
Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Donna Miller

President: John Graham
Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Donna Mille

President: John Graham
Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Arlo Remmers

Jim Anderson was appointed the first Directing Business Representative for District 5 in 1990. He held the position for 9 months until the first election for DBR was held in 1991.

The District was based out of Fargo ND until 1991 when Dennis Walworth was the first elected DBR. The office was then moved to Westport SD to Dennis’s home. In 1999 the District rented an office in Aberdeen SD. In 2000 the District hired Dawn Theunissen as a part time Secretary for the office. In November 2002 the District again moved its office. This time to the Aberdeen Central Labor Union’s new building.

Presently in 2003 the District has about 961 members and Dennis is on his 4th term as DBR for the District. As DBR Dennis helps the local lodges negotiate contracts, help members with problems and settle grievances. When grievances cannot be settled Dennis represents the members through the lodge before and Arbitrator.

The 2003-2004 executive board consists of:

President: Brad Schiernbeck/Herb Forkel
Vice President: Herb Forkel/Dennis Mendenhall
Secretary/Treasurer: Barb May

In 2001 the Grand Lodge created 2 new positions to the Local Lodges and the District Lodges. The Communicator who is to help keep the members informed and the Educator who is to keep the members educated politically.

The 2001-2003 representatives for the District were:
Communicator: Naomi Underberg
Educator: Landis Larson

The 2004 representatives are:
Communicator: Naomi Underberg
Educator: Kevin Murch

In 2003 Secretary Treasure Arlo Remmers turned over his calculator to Chris Skeldum. President John Graham turned over his gavel to Brad Schiernbeck and Vice President Landis Larson turned over his position to Herb Forkel. In the second quarter of the year Chris turned over the books to Barb May.

The District has seen several Grand Lodge Representatives retire through the years–Jerome Burnett, Barney Grosso, John Davis, Rod Hoffman. We thank them all for their help with arbitration cases and negotiating contracts and for just being there when we needed a friend. Barney departed from this life in 2002. He will be missed.

The District delegates meet quarterly alternating between Fargo ND, Watertown and Aberdeen SD.

Anyone who has any personal experiences or information please e-mail, mail or call the District Office. Thank you!

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